Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my Mom's birthday, and I would tell you how old she is, but I probably better not, but just suffice it to say, that this year ends in a zero!

I had flowers delivered to her house today, but my cell phone is low battery, so I haven't been able to check and see if she got them, but I did get email confirmation from the florist that they had been delivered.
I don't seem to have a really good picture of her on my computer, but this was on Thanksgiving this past year, a couple of months ago. She is the one in the middle, in case you were wondering!


I talked to Mom last night on my way to Weight Watchers, and the flowers arrived and looked wonderful! She was complaining that I shouldn't have spent that much money on her, but it truth I didn't.
I had bought flowers through ProFlowers before and so I got an email with a special, 100 Pervian Blooms in a vase for only $19.99. I mean really, I couldn't walk into the grocery store and buy them for cheaper than that, and they turned out to be in Mom's favorite colors.

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