Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year, New Resolve

Well, it's a New Year and whether I like it or not, I will turn 40 this year, there is nothing I can do about that. As much as I would like to ignore the fact, it will still come and I don't have a time machine to make sure it doesn't come, so what am I going to do about it. Well, one thing I am doing for sure is changing!

I am not happy with things the way they are. I have updated my weight loss blog, http://www.weightlossjourney.blogspot.com and will continue to do so. Weight loss is the first goal. I joined Weight Watchers yesterday and will be attending my first meeting tomorrow, but I have been using the online tools to keep track of what I am eating and how many points it is all worth, and I am happy to report that I stayed within my allowed points yesterday!
I am going to start getting back into my Dieter's Devotional Study and will update my other blog with notes from it, my food log for each day, exercise log (if I can find the time to squeeze that in my day!). I also have another devotional-bible study book that we were going to start, but that fell apart before it ever got off the ground, and I will be using that book too, and noting it on the blog.

The second big change I am making this year deals with Financial Peace. Brad and I are attending Financial Peace University at church. The program is written and formulated by Dave Ramsey. We had our first class last night, and it was great. I know that some of what he is saying is going to be hard to do, but then again, I am tired of feeling like I have no control over my money. I don't think I ever learned the proper ways to budget and manage money as a younger person and so I have never had the savings that I really needed to have, and so when something big comes up it is a crisis, not just another day. I am looking forward to his program, he is a great speaker, and unlike others he has been there, done that. He pulled himself back up after losing everything, so he has lived and is living what he is preaching, which makes it so much more believable. There are eight or nine couples in the class, and I am lookign forward to what it will do for us all.

Happy 2008 to all, and I think with the New reslove to change things in my own life, I may in fact have a Happy 2008 after all!

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