Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Handknitted Scarf - Hot Pink

Well, I got another new scarf done the other day. Finally got my little model to work for me last night and got pictures and then I listed it on the Etsy storefront.

This is a wonderful hot pink color, with flecks of all kinds of other colors interwoven in the yarn, they don't stick out, but from a distance, I really notice the colors in the pattern of the scarf. The hot pink yarn is almost like an angora, in fact I had someone ask if it was while I was working on the scarf, it's not, the yarn is actually 100% nylon.

The yarn is called Moda Vee, and the color was called Vixen. I picked up the yarn on clearance awhile back, wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I did this wonderful scarf. This is all the yarn like that I have. There was a little left over, not much, but I will be finishing up some acccessories to match the scarf out of this yarn soon. In fact, two completely new ipod case and an eyeglasses case. They are both almost done, and will have pictures soon!


Shelly said...

That is a darling scarf! Gotta love the pink! You are very talented!


Audrey said...

This is really pretty. My daughter loves scarves. I've made her a few. She loves the bright colors like this.

Audrey :)