Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just added to the "a TAMM creation" line...

Handknitted just for you, in the Fancy Fur (shown on the left) or the Fun Fur (shown on the right).
The adult size scarf is about 56 inches in length and 6 inches in width.
The child size scarf is about 42 inches in length and 5 inches in width.
The Fun Fur has a great deal of stretch in the length and width, the Fancy Fur has some stretch.
Currently available: Fancy Fur: in Red Confetti, Chocolate Confetti (as shown above), Bright Blue Confetti and Black Confetti
Fun Fur: in Chocolate (as shown above), Black/Grey/White Striped
Other colors coming soon....special requests welcome!! You need a color to match an outfit, let me know, I may have the yarn in stock or be able to get it quickly!
A bargain at only $12.50 (plus shipping)! Similar items seen in stores for up to $19.95 or more!
UPDATE: I added these to the line on one of the websites at 2pm, and by 4pm had sold both of these two pictured above! WOW! I never expected them to go that fast! So, I still have them available, and have the colors, but right now I am running on a three day delay in shipping, which will give me time to make your order! Yep, right now I am running on a make them as you order them basis! I hope to get back up in stock, but if the orders keep up like this, then it may be a custom-order basis.
Thanks for understanding!

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