Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ashop Commerce

Now, as some of you might have noticed from some of my other posts, one of the storefront sites that I have used for a year to market and sell the "a TAMM creation" line is closing down and I am looking at what to do. One of the options I am looking at is Shopping Cart Software.

Now to use this, I would have to have a seperate website, and that is some setup costs over and above the Shopping Cart, which can be kinda pricey, and with the business only be a little over a year old, I am not sure if I am in the postion to put out that kind of investment. At the moment I have lined up another storefront site to list the line on, but I am still worried about the visablity issue; will anyone find me?

Still, after talking with some friends, I have been researching Shopping Cart Software. One that looks promising to me is Ashop Commerce. After looking at their information on the website, it looks to be well-supported, which I really like, all the fees are listed up-front, and although they seem a little high to me, compared to others they are quite reasonable. It would allow me to accept credit cards, and although I already have a PayPal account, and accept payments including credit cards through them, this would be another option. I still need to look into the difference in the fees on those payments between the two, but at first glance, it seems to be a reasonable and plausible solution.

At this point in the business, I never thought that I would be looking at ecommerce software or anything to do with ecommerce, I still thought I would be learning under someone else. It is scary to take things to another level, but if I want the business to grow, then maybe it is time.

I'm not sure where you are or if you are looking and reading this because of the "a TAMM creation" line and your desire to purchase some or to see more, or if you are in the market to set up your own web-business. And I know that I have links to a number of other people whoe are also selling on the storefront sites, so I want to let you know what I have found. And for those of you that know me well, you already know that I love to share my finds and opinons all the time.

That all being said, if you are in the market for Shopping Cart Software then I suggest that you take a look at and see what you think. I think it sounds like a well developed and well supported option to allow you to have your own online store.

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