Monday, January 7, 2008

New Sweatshirts

One of the kids presents from Grandpa David and Leslie were new sweatshirts. Now if you know my household at all, you know that these went over extremely well. All three kids love to wear them, and do all the time!
Here to see Molly. And her sweatshirt was a pullover lilac ADIDAS sweatshirt with satin trims and black sleeves. She has a black polo on under here sweatshirt and it matches her purple crocs. Now, if you don't know, Molly LOVES her crocs! She would wear them everydy, all the time if she could. This pair is a purple pair in the mary jane style, so they look pretty good!
Here is Maeve doing her best model pose in her sweatshirt. Her's in a darker purple in a zip-up style, again from ADIDAS. She loves it. She wears it all the time. In fact it was 60 degrees when the kids left for school this morning, so that is the only jacket she wore.
Now we have Tiernan. What can I say? He had his shirt on and I said, let me take a picture to send to Grandpa David and Leslie, so he promtly took it off, and when I asked he put it back on backwards. Just his sense of humor! So I took the picture anyway, and of course he likes it! His sweatshirt is a blue NIKE pull-over hoodie, and that is probably his favorite type! He wore it almost everyday since he got it!

What more can I say, they look good and grandpa David and Leslie did good!

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