Thursday, February 28, 2008

Project Runaway, Part One of the Finale

So Project Runway is one of my guilty pleasures. I did not watch Season One, but have seen Seasons Two, Three and now Four. I love it!

Last night was the first part of the season finale, and if you haven't seen it and don't want to know what happens, stop reading right now and move on to another blog, because I am going to talk about last night and my thoughts.

So this year, there was a "walk-off" between two designers, Rami and Chris. They each made full collections for fashion Week, but thy showed three to the judges and then only one actually made it to be judged at Fashion Week. Now if you know anything about this, you know that the final five all actually showed collections at fashion Week, because fashion Week actually occured before the shows were shown, and at the point when Fashion Week occured there were still five contestants, so they all showed to prevent spoilers. You know, I kinda like that, but like it or not, even the two that aren't being judged at Fashion Week, showed and got some exposure, which I am all for.

So we got to see Tim visit all four see where they were at. I loved the pictures of Chirs's collection, although we never got to see many of the actually garments. At Rami's we didn't really see the drawings but the actually garments and I am so looking forward to seeing more of them. At Jillian's we saw alot of the garments and they seemed to be stuck in that awesome jacket line. I mean she worked the one challenge and won with that jacket and she just keeps going back to it on every challenge since (expect the Diva's). Then there is Christian, and all I will say is what was he thinking with those feather pants!

Okay, so I know so many people like Christian, but the kid is 21 and so cocky and self-assured, I just want to spank him (as a mom), I keep thinking if I heard my kids acting that way i would ground them! UGH! What must his poor mother be thinking seeing this! I am sorry, he is good, but he needs to learn a little humality and reserve. Personally, I think he needsto be taken down a peg or two!

I really would have rather seen Jillian, Rami and Chris at Fashion Week, than Christian, but I don't get a vote. So they do the walk off, and I love both collections. Rami actually has a draped dress, which Nina has ragged on him all season about, and that one ended up being her favorite! UGH! Make up your mind! I loved his jacket. Then there was Chris! I loved it!! I loved the first look, and before you complain about human hair as the fringe, they all thought it was goat hair before he told them, it's been done! It looked great! I liked all three of the things he showed, and there is nothing I can find to say bad about them. But, like I said before I don't get to vote, so Chris is out and Rami is in.

I am looking forward to seeing Rami's full collection, kinda looking forward to Jillians, and well, Christian is just Christian, I suffer through him if I have to. Next week if the final, and then the next week......TOP CHEF! Okay, that is another guilty pleasure of mine! I love Top Chef!!! Thought it has been great, although I still think Dale should have beat ung last season, but that is another blog!

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David Dust said...

Poor Chris - back to the Monkey House!

Click here for DavidDust’s Project Runway recap.

Bye…love you…love your hair!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on Chris. I was not offended at all about the hair. I thought his designs were hot on the cat walk. He should have been given a legitimate shot at Fashion Week.