Friday, February 1, 2008


When I was growing up, everyone I knew had GodParents and they all knew who they were and for the most part, why they had them.

By the time we had kids, it seems like the tradition of GodParents had passed by and no one was doing that anymore.

I love family, and being connected to family is important to me, so we gave each of our three kids GodParents, all from within the family.

This is our oldest, Tiernan, and when he was born neither of my brothers nor Brad's brother was married, and we knew that we wanted a married couple in the family, so we decided on my cousin Ruth and her husband Dale. Her youngest daughter was born on July 27, and Tiernan was born September 26 of that year, so it seemed right.

Maeve was our second and first little girl, and we weren't sure but thought it would be best to go with someone on Brad's side of the family this time. This is his cousin Tim and his wife Tara. We went to their wedding when Tiernan was only one month old. Then to tie us all together even more, the year I had Molly, Tim and Tara had Aiden in January and Molly was born in March. We like to keep all the kids close together!

This is our youngest Molly, and she was born on March 10th. She is sitting with my oldest brother Gary and his wife Jeanel. Jeanel's birthday just happened to be March 9th! We asked my brother and sister-in-law to be Molly's GodParents, and it just seemed right with the birthdays.

I know we may be a little strange to some of you, but keeping the family together is important, and GodParents are anotherway that we work to do that.

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