Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Car Prices at it's best

So you're thinking about a new car, the old one lost it's luster, on it's last leg, or well, it's just the blues of winter and a new car sounds good.

What about Car Prices? Visit and see what they have got for you in the way of prices. It works kind like Lending Tree, you put in what kind of car you want and you'll get quotes from at least two different places, so you can pick the best option.

Now who wouldn't like that?! We shop for loan quotes, the best loan rates. we shop for insurance quotes, the best rates. So why not shop for car quotes? Makes sense to me!

Let me know how it goes! I don't think I'm ready to trade in my beloved Durango, but hubby's car really needs replaced! I might just see you there!

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