Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cervical Cancer

So tax season is under way, and of course that means that it is busy here at work, which in turn means that it is harder for me to get into my blog and be able to post everyday, which I hate! I would rather be blogging!

Today, one of the girls at work, and to remind you I work in a small office with only three other girls and our boss. Anyway, she had a doctor appointment this morning. Now a little background, they called her last week to tell her that her yearly pap came back abnormal and so she was going back in today. We talked about it and really thought, you know this happens alot, they get abnormal results and it's nothing.
When she walked in the building, I knew, she went straight into our boss's office and talked to him. I could see the tears when she walked out. Turns out it was not your average re-test kind of thing. She has cervical cancer. The pap looked pretty bad, but the doctor didn't think it looked that bad when she was looking at her today. She goes back next week and they will determine how far and how bad it is and then the course of action.

She is only 28 years old. She recently got engaged to a wonderful Christian man after a rough first marriage, and she only found him after coming back to the church and recommitting to God. They were wanting to start a family together in a few years. She has a four-year old daughter. This is a big shock to them, and I think I am reeling too. I can't believe it is happening to her.
I just ask that you keep her and her family in your prayers, because we all know what the power of prayer can do! Miracles!

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