Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mystery Book Series

If you've read the two book reviews that I have just done and posted in the last few days, you will notice that I enjoy Mystery Book Series. I have read a number of them, and I am working on getting more information to you on them, more reviews, lists of the books in the series in order and stuff like that!

I love to read, and to share what I have read, and this blog is a great place to do it! The idea behind this whole blog has changed and grown over time as I have changed and grown over time and I hope that you still enjoy it! Thank you for reading!

Now....for a list of the different series that you have to look forward to hearing about:

Needlecraft Mystery Series
Teashop Mystery Series
Coffehouse Mystery Series
Knitting Mystery Series
Mommy Track Mystery Series
Scrapbooking Mystery Series
Card Making Mystery Series
Bath and Body Shop Mystery Series

So far, those are the ones that I have read at least some if not all of the series! I know there are probably more out there, and I will be looking into them, but I have three new books that just arrived this week, and two older books that I swapped, to read before I venture onto a new series.

Speaking of swapping. I recently found a wonderful website....
You can list books you have at home in good condition, someone then requests the book from you, you mail it to them, which earns you a credit that you can use to request a book from someone else. What it is bascially is swapping your old, read books out for ones you haven't read! Yeah, it costs you to ship the book to someone, but they pay to ship the book to you, so basically you are recycling your bookshelf for the cost of shipping! How great is that?!?!? I just love it!!

Okay, so off to work then to read so that I can enlighten you all more with another book review!

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