Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Harvest Party

Every year, the First Assembly of God in Ellettsville has a Harvest Party in the parking lot behind Arby's on Halloween night. It includes bouncy rides, games and free candy and food. For the past few years, the kids have choosen to go to the Harvest Party instead of going trick or treating. Given how dark our neighborhood is, that is fine by me.

I have never really been into the whole trick or treating thing that much, and although we did take Tiernan when he was 2 years old in a neighborhood of some good friends, and then the next year when he was 3 and Maeve was 1 we went to the local mall, which was NOT a good idea. Since then, Tiernan has choosen to do the Harvest Fest.
As you can tell, the kids don't dress up for it, and so far I have never had to worry with my kids, because they have never picked anything that I would not let them wear.

We have always enjoyed the Harvest Fest, although this year was not quite as good as in the past. It seemed like they had more difficulity getting people to work it this year, and so there were not as many people watching the kids on the bouncy rides, and some of the people watching were kids about the same age as those playing. I know that it can be really hard for a church to get people involved year after year in something, espically if they don't see the good in it, and it just seemed like this year, people weren't as willing to help out as in the past. Now I don't hold that against the church at all. Being in our church and working in VBS and Sunday School, I see it all too often. We'll probably be back again next year to see how it goes.

So thanks to the Ellettsville First Assembly of God for putting on the Harvest Fest, and to those who see my kids...they had a blast!

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