Friday, November 16, 2007

Quilty Pleasures

So here it is, Friday and I haven't stopped in and blogged about anything in over a week, and why is that???
My guilty pleasure? The Bachelor! Okay, so I am a hopeless romantic at heart and I believe in true love and that everyone deserves a chance at true love.
So every year, or at least the last three or so, I have been watching The Bachelor and doing pretty good. The difference this year....well I discovered the fan forums! Oh my gosh!! Right now I visit and and read the posts. Okay....I am addicted! I have to visit them all the time! The people out there that are sluething and finding clues to what is going to happen before hand are amazing and the theories and things that people come up with! WOW!
I am spending so much time there that I am not getting anything else done, and that is not a good thing! I haven't blogged, I haven't cleaned house and I definetly haven't been working, but then again we are still slow at work and that is what is driving me crazy.
So, finally on Monday The Bachelor will come to an end, and of course I have Girl Scout Leader Meeting that night! UGH! Do I miss the meeting or just leave early? Humm. I can't miss my Bachelor, can I? It's amazing the things that we get addicited to and how excited we get over someone elses life.
So tune in Monday, after the final Bachelor and I will let you know what I thought. Yes, I have my favorite, but I am not about to tell right now. I will save that until afterwards and let you know if I was happy or not with the outcome.

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