Thursday, November 8, 2007

Readers Theater for Halloween

So for something different this year for Halloween, Mrs. Richardson's First greade class at EPS, which is Maeve's class, but on a Reader's Theater.
Maeve, who is in the highest reading group in class, was the assistant director. She performed in the the reading of the play for her group, then was the understudy in all the other groups in case someone was sick that day, and she then helped to direct the play and who was reading at what time and help with words in the other plays.
I was at work and had to miss the Reader's Theater, but Brad went and his mom also went and they brought home these pictures. I loved listening to Maeve explain everything while telling me about the pictures. As you can tell, I am one proud mommy!
I think she got her love of reading from me, as I love to read and usually have a book going at all times, although finding the time to read anymore is getting hard, but I still hope that I can pass that love of reading on to all the kids!

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