Thursday, June 12, 2008

Handknitted Cell Phone Case

So the "a TAMM creation" line is growing again!

This time a wonderful little handknitted cell phone case is the latest addition. I have one that I knitted for myself, and a friedn loved it so much that I made her one for her phone and she has gotten so many compliments on it in the few weeks that she has had it that it had to go into the line.

This is a great picture of the colors that are in the ones I have made so far. They are made from a cotton crochet thread, and this is a yellow-purple-blue-white verigated thread. It is soft, yet not too bulky and it protects the phone in your purse or gymbag wonderfully.

I have just gotten a new stash of Organic Cotton Yarns that I am dying to try out, one is a line green, another is verigated using the same lime green with some other colors, so I am looking forward to making more of these cases with the new Organic Yarns.

This is the case that I made my friend, and it measures 2 inches across and 4 1/2 inches high. It fits the phone in the picture like a glove. Sorry that the picture got a little blurry, don't think my camera liked the dark background on that phone too much.

I will custom make one for you in your choice of colors from my stash and to fit the measurements of your particular phone.

Price is $3.50 each, with FREE Shipping in the US and Canada. Ask me about worldwide shipping.

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alfred said...

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