Monday, June 16, 2008

Yarn Stash

I mentioned in my last post, when I talked about the new Cell Phone case, that I had a hugh stash of yarns to use to make this case, well I got a couple, and I mean only a couple of photos done this weekend, what with is being Father's day and all, but at least I got a couple done.

So this is the purple-blue-yellow verigated crochet cotton thread that I used to do the original phone case that I personally carry, and that my good friend Angie now carries.

I love it. I also finished a dishcloth in this color, this yarn that I will be getting photos of and posted soon.

Lime green, how can you not like it?! I have this thing for lime green, I would buy anything in lime green, well almost. This is more of a subtle lime green in that it is not that neon lime green, but more of a soft lime green.

This is another Organic Yarn that I got. I found a place that had some Organic Cotton Yarns, and I placed a big order, think I got five colors altogether in that order, but I want to try organic.

This is a tri-color verigated blend of greens. It starts with a white, then up to a light, not quite lime green, then a medium green and then a darker green. I really love the colors and can't wait to start working with this one.

This is also an Organic Cotton Crochet Thread. My first purchase of Organic Cotton, but I loved the colors and I think it will make a great addition to the line.

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