Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Police Gear Website review

How many of you know that my baby brother is a Police Officer? Yep. He went to college, got his degree and got on the police force in Kansas, and has been there ever since, moving up all along the way, can you tell I'm a little proud!

So being the ever loving sister that I am, when someone sent me a link to a Police Gear website, I had to check it out. Right now, when you buy a tactical holster you get a tactical hat free. Aside from that, everything is listed below retail pricing, so that makes you feel good about buying from them.

I'm going to finish surfing around the website, because it looks really good, and I may have to put in a call to my sister-in-law and see if she knows about the site, and if there is anything that my brother needs, espically since he recently had a birthday, I can always justify spending money if it was from someone elses birthday!

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