Friday, May 2, 2008

Newest additions to the TAMM line

We have offically entered the "Barbie" Phase of life here in our house, and in honor of that, and more importantly by request of my daughter (and model), Maeve, I have added to the TAMM line.

This is a hand-knitted bedroom set for a Barbie house.
It consists of a hand-knitted double Barbie blanket. What is a double blanket, well, it is a blanket that will cover two Barbies nicely. As my daughter got FIVE Barbies for her birthday and only one bed, she requested that they get to sleep together, so a Double Barbie Blanket. Also in the set is a double barbie pillow, hand-knitted and stuffed for maxium comfort.
This set it done is a very pretty light blue, white and lavender verigated yarn.

As a bonus for my daughter, and since there wasn't much yarn left, I made this cute little hand-knitted halter dress for the Barbie. It is done in the same verigated yarn.
I am going to be adding these to the "a TAMM creation" line for sale, and I have a number of yarns to do these with at home, so if you have a Barbie girl in your house that needs dressing, let me know and I can make up your favorite colors.

The other idea that has come to my head involves this cute little halter dress, it was really easy to make, and I didn't have a pattern, but I am thinking with a really soft, lightweight cotton, I could make this into a top for my daughters! Now it would take little time to make it, but I think I am going to try it!

So tell me what you think? Do you like them? Oh....all Barbie accessories will be on sale with FREE shipping.
Would you buy a hand-knitted halter top for your daughter?

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