Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Expressing Myself

Okay, so you know that sometimes I visit the Smorty site, if you are wondering there is a link to them in the sidebar, but they advertise to have opportunities for you to review a website or product, write a review and get paid for it, but they almost never have any paid posts available. Not long ago they started this non-paid thing called blog exchange, you write a review of someones blog on your blog and they are in turn suppose to write one on you. So far I have written four on other people and only gotten two written on me.

Well, I decided to visit again today and got a good one. The site is subtitled Just Expressing Myself Opinions, Thoughts, and Creative Writing. You know, something I can get into.

So I go, and I am not expecting much, because you know past experience hasn't lead me to find anything really good up until now, but I really liked this blog. The first post I read was their experience with Smorty on doing this blog exchange, and then they proceeded to talk about a variety of things, not all one topic, so it wasn't boring, in fact it was pretty fun to read. I think I might just have to add them to my list of blogs to read!

Thanks and check them out!

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