Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

It is a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon here in the MidWest. After almost a whole month of rain, it is so good to see the sun.
My daughter and I headed out to the yard to plant some marigold around the new pin-oak tree that she got. All the third graders in her school were given a pin-oak tree on earth day, and we planted it in the yard. It needs lost of water, so we planted in down in the "swampy" part of the yard, the part that seems to hold water when it rains, and this is suppose to be good for the tree according to the information they sent home with it.
Today we went out, and planted some marigolds around the tree, added some potting soil to the ground around the tree, and made sure it looked nice, then watered it with some miracle gro water and here's to hoping that it does ok.
Since we were out, we went down to the mailbox and planted some Zinnas around the mailbox. Hoping that makes the place look a little more like we care about the yard.
We have such a slope from the top, or left side of the property, looking from the street to the bottom or right side of the property. It would probably look good if we terraced it out of something, but it is so hard to figure out what to do with the slope.
We haven't done much with the yard since we bought the house in 2001, although we have the lawn grown in to a lush thick yard, it did have a number of bare sopts throughout the front yard, and we have planted a few things, but not a whole lot. Although I would love to do more, I always stop myself because I think, well if we do this or that remodel that we are talking about we would have to lose whatever I was planning in the yard, and so I stop myself. Here we have been in the house almost 9 years and haven't done a single remodling project, although they are all LONG overdue. So this year, I think I am just going to go ahead and do what I want in the yard, and if we do remodel, oh well, I can move it I am sure.

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