Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Healing Rash?

So for most of the day yesterday, I was itching. It was around each incision, so I figured that it was the small scabs that had formed on them that were healing and thus causing the itching. So to try to help with the healing and lessen the itching I was putting antibotic oinment on them all day. Went to bed last night and woke this morning itching even worse. Got up and headed to the bathroom to look in the mirror, and what to my wondering eyes did I find but a red, puffy rash around each incision. It doesn't hurt in the normal sense of the word, it just itches, like crazy mind you!

Great!! I had trouble right before the one-week date with the bandages making me break out into a rash and so I had to take them all off. It was probably well past time to take them off, but i was trying to be cautious and leave them on until it had been one week. So I had to but ointment on them, and that cleared up in a day as soon as i got rid of the bandages. Now I am breaking out around the incisions, and this one I am not sure what it is from. I have used the ointment I was using for years with no, not the same tube, but the same brand. It is what I had grown up with, what my Mom always had in the house when we were kids, and what I have always kept in the house since I had kids. We have never had a problem with it until now. Not sure if it is the ointment, or something else, but part of me finds it hard to believe that I could develop a reaction to the ointment after all this time.

Healing is always a touching process, and it occurs in different waves for everyone. Like a good friend had the exact same procedure a week earlier than me, nd she is worn out very easily after doing things, but she is walking fine. Me, I have the engery to do things but I am walking so slowly. I just can't speed up my pace or it pulls at my incisions. Every person reacts differently and everyone moves at a different pace, I understand that and I am okay with it, it is just the itching that is driving me crazy! So on to another phase of healing in this journey!

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