Friday, May 14, 2010

daVinci robot and life

So nowdays, if you have to have a hysteroctomy and you happen to have a great docotor and live in a town that has one of the new daVinci robots, you are in luck! My advice to you, if your doctor recommends one, make sure they can do it with the daVinci, you will not be sorry!

Wednesday May 5th I had a full hysteroctomy with the daVinci. Now, I have four little incisions where the arms of the robot went in, but no stitches, and I only had to spend the night in the hospital, no more. The surgery itself was long, a little over 3 hours, but the recovery time is amazing.Typically they say it is a 6 to 8 week recovery for a normal hysteroctomy, but at one week after surgery I am feeling wonderful! I have no pain, haven't had a single pain pill since Saturday May 8th. My incisions itch, but then again they are healing and have some small scabs on them so of course they itch. They don't hurt and they don't cause me discomfort for the most part, but I am walking at a much slower pace than before. I feel really good, but I do take care because my post-op note say that I can wear down more easily right now, so I try to take everything slow. Not lifting much of anything, but still doing awhole lot better than anyone I have talked to that had either of the previous versions of the hysteroctomy. My mom had the traditional vaginal one, and she was down for a good 4 weeks before she started feeling like herslf and definetely took the full 8 weeks to recover.

Now, to figure out a schedule for my days that allows me to get some things done and feel like I am doing my part for the family while I am home, while at the same time not scheduling too much and wearing myself out and setting back my recovery. That is the hard thing, but I am trying. Life is ....good!

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