Monday, July 28, 2008

Police Officer in the Family

By now, you are all pretty aware of how proud of my baby brother I am, you know the one I have mentioned in numerous posts, the one who is a police officer?! Yeah, that one, the one I am so proud of!

So this weekend, my brother and his family came back to the old hometown and my folks place for a nice visit. They currently live a nine-hour drive away in Kansas, so this was a big deal. The funny thing, my brother , his wife and the youngest all walk in wearing police t-shirts!! Yeah, they are proud of him too!! So that got me to thinking about that police gear website I found awhile back and so here I am surfing this morning and I had to pull it up and see what I could find.

Tactical pants, shorts, hats, holsters and an awesome closeout section! I am all about the sales, and there is a pair of pants on closeout for $9.99, I'm all there!! I am telling you, they have got it all, and at great prices. The economy is not all that great right now, and you know that budget cuts are looming all over the place, so why not help out your favorite officer by giving them the gift of supplies at a great price. Be proud of those in your life that serve others, I am!!

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