Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Etsy Treasury

For all of you who have ever been on, you understand.....

I got a Treasury!!!

What is a treasury you ask, well, a treasury is your picks of different peoples items on etsy that you like, you can pick anything, but they can't all be your own stuff.
Why is it such a big deal to have one? Well they only allow so many at a time, and I just happened to be on this morning when the window opened and I was able to create a Treasury.

Indiana Artisans at work is my treasury. I featured Indiana crafters, and in particular people who are on the IN Flood Relief Fundraiser list, so every item you see is in a shop that is donating proceeds from this months sales to IN Flood Relief. The other thing I did was pick purple items, to make it even more of a pretty treasury to look at.

So check it out, see something you like, visit the shop and buy this month!! Remember, you can get something great and handmade and at the same time know that proceeds from that purchase are going to IN Flood Relief, what a great feeling, so shop away people!!

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