Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ORGANIC Hand-crocheted Headband

So this addition is more than just a new color, it's a new item altogether! First time I tried this, and I think it turned out nice, but I have more ideas in store for it!!

This is a lovely little headband, hand-crocheted in the wonderful Lime Green Organic Cotton Thread. It is about 1 1/2 inches wide and measures about 20 inches around. Both my girls can wear this one, and they are 4 and 7, so this size is great for young girls.

I was just playing around and came up with this one, but have a new idea, to add some beading to the crocheted headband, so that is the next project in the works, hopefully to be finished soon and pictures up on the web for you all.

Price on this little beauty is only $4.00 and that includes shipping in the US. For Canada, please add 50 cents to cover those extra fees they charge me, and for worldwide shipping please ask, I will only charge my exact cost to ship, never an added fee.

Check this and the reast of the line out at: a TAMM creation

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