Thursday, July 30, 2009

Handknitted Fancy Fur Scarf

As you can see, I have been working hard and have a new item to add to the "a TAMM creation" line.
This is a wonderfully soft, Fancy Fur scarf. The yarn I used was made by lion Brand, and was called Fancy Fur. This particular one is black, with kernels of purple, blue, navy and turquiose throughout.
The scarf is 42 inches in length and 4 inches in
width, which makes it a nice length that both adults and children can wear. Both my daughter and I tried it on last night and like the length on me, wouldn't get into anything, hit about mid-chest, and on my daughter it hung longer and just looked so nice.

As you can see, although this is not the greatest model picture, we had someone else that just had to get into the picture too, but it looks great.
I have limited amounts of this yarn right now, unless I can find more somewhere, but it seems this confettie type of Fancy Fur is not being carried where I shop, so unless I find it online and at a good price, I am limited to the TWO scarves have.

The scarf is listed at $14.00 with FREE SHIPPING in the US, only $1.00 ships it to Canada. Time involved in making this, just over three hours.

I have some more of the yarn, but it is in the process of becoming a matching purse! I have had this idea for a knitted purse for a long time now, and I loved this yarn, so I decided to go for it and make the matching purse. Not sure how long it will be before it comes out, as there is no pattern for this purse, it is all in my head, but I am looking forward to it coming out!
Thanks for checking out what I have to offer!

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