Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bamboo Knitting Needles

I taught myself to knit a number of years back, can't read a pattern to save my life, can't do a purl stitch techicnally, but I can do the basic knit stitch, which will make a fine blanket or scarf. So the Christmas before last I made these crazy Fun Fur scarfs for alot of family. They loved them, and I thought this past year that it would be tacky to make them the same thing again, boy was I wrong, in fact I got dejected calls from family when they didn't get a new scarf, so I guess that means that I will be making more scarves this year.

I was at the store and I could always use another set of needles. I was looking at the selection, you have your choice of steel, plastic or bamboo. Now I have had the steel and plastic, and of the two I like the steel much better, the tips on the plastic are too easily broken. I had read in one of my knitting novels about bamboo, and the idea in the story was that they were better. Well, the price was okay, they were only about a dollar more than the regular ones, so I thought I would try them. Let me tell you! I am in heaven! I will never use another plastic needle again! The tips on the steel needles are very pointed, almost to the point of being sharp, which is nice for certain tight knits, and the plastic are not as sharply pointed, but theses bamboo are almost blunt compared to the others and I thought there is no way this will work, but after doing a few rows I found they were nice. The steel tips can make your fingers sore after awhile, but these bamboo needles felt so comfortable and smooth in my hands, that I loved working with them! I am sold! In fact, I may never buy another pair of steel needles either, but I know for sure that the bamboo have become my favorites and I will be using them for most all my knitting.
Now, I just have to figure out what colors I gave everyone the other year, and make them something different this year!

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