Monday, July 27, 2009

New Blog

Last fall, I took a job that I had desired for a long time, I began working at the Primary School that my children attended. I love my job, and it has been so special for me to be in the same building with my kids at different points in their lifes, I continue to love my work.

With that change in careers came a hugh change in my computer time! Before that, I was working in an office, and had lots of time on breaks and lunch to be on the computer and to do blogging and what-not, but when I moved to the school, I had no computer time. I would only get on for morning messages from teachers and such, then it was all about the kids. By the time I got home, it was the kids on the computers with homework, so I basically disappeared off te computer for a year.

I am happy to say that I have established myself a more healthy routine and I will again have some computer time. Still nothing like I used to have, but I will have time each day to focus on myself and my computer time. So, to celebrate, I have a new blog about me, my ramblings, and will be writing there.

This blog will continue, as I will now be able to once again create new items for this line. The job change, not only but an end to my computer time, but I had even less time to work on projects and create things for the "a TAMM creation" line. I have managed to work on a few things this summer, and look forward to doing more, and working this back up to at least where it was before if not higher.

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