Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Monday Night Baseball

Monday night was another baseball game!

I have to say that I really enjoy watching these little 7 and 8 years old boys playing ball! They are so much fun! Tiernan's team is the Tigers and and they did a good job. They all hit well. They did pretty good on defense, except for one inning, when they let the other team score 5 runs. Other than that one inning, they looked realyl good. They are getting better each game!
Final score: 9-6 the other guys! Oh well, they are learning!

After the game we took the kids to the local ice cream place, Jiffy Treat. When we drove up we saw Carson, from the Tigers, and his family having ice cream. When we got in line Brad, from the Tigers, and his family were ordering ice cream. When we were in line, Garrett from the Tigers and his family and then Luke, the coaches son, and his family showed up! Impromtu Tigers after game party!

It's going to be a busy week. The kids have a half dy of school today, and the girls have their yearly check-ups after school today. Tomorrow is the First grade field trip, then that evening is the Mother-Child dinner at church, Thursday is the Kindergarten Field trip, then Maeve has a t-ball game that night, Friday is Grandparents day at school, then Maeve has a t-ball game and Tiernan has another baseball game. Then Sunday is Mother's Day....and I would like to breathe sometime in all that!

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