Friday, May 4, 2007

Kindergarten Program

So, last night was Edgewood Primary School's Kindergarten Program.

Maeve is in full-day Kindergarten, and her class was doing the song "Five little CHickedees" nad she had a speaking part. So all week we have been practicing her line with her, and yet last night she mentioned that it would be the first time she was going to be up on stage and talking in the microphone, and I got a little worried that she might be nervous.

She was ready to leave for the program HOURS before it started. She put on her white shirt and black skirt, got out a pair of white bobby socks, and her white patent leather shoes from Easter, combed her hair and looked really cute. When her class came into the gym, they had black bseball caps with black and white feathers on the top, and these black feathers on their wrists...making them look like little birds! So cute!
Maeve was very clear in her speaking and loud! It went wonderfully!!

I was video-tapping the performance, and my son was bored so I let him take the camera, and he went down near the stage and took still photos of her. Will have to get them developed so I can add them on here.

Yes...I said get them developed! Yes, I am behind the times, I still don't have a digital camera....maybe I'll get one this week for my birthday! Who knows!

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