Monday, April 30, 2007

Highlights from the First ball games

Well...Friday night was Opening Cermonies and it was exciting!

The kids went to the park, got their team shirts and hats, and then they announced each team and it's coach and the whole team ran out to second base, waved to the parents then to a pre-determined place on the outfield. It was so cute!

Once all the teams were out, the local junior high school show choir, the MiniWarehouse at Edgewood Junior High School sang the National Anthem. Then the area's minor league baseball team's mascot, Rowdie of the Indianapolis Indians, was there to throw out the first pitch of the season! The kids loved it!

On Saturday, were the first games. Maeve, my oldest daughter was playing t-ball. Her first game started at 2:45pm. So we all walked down to the park from our house, it is onyl about a block or so away, and went to her field. She started in the outfield, but got moved to playing catcher after the second inning. She hit well, ran well and did a great job as catcher!
Tiernan, my son and oldest child, played his first game at 3:15pm. Now this is the first year he has ever played baseball, he never even played t-ball or anything before this. His first at bat, he hit the ball towards the second baseman and started running towards base...not sure what he was thinking, although I think he forgot that he was suppose to stop at first base, so he just kept running. I guess he caught the other team off guard, because they started throwing the ball around the field trying to catch while Tiernan ran all the way home, score one for the Tigers. Two innings later it was Tiernan's at bat again, this time he hit a little dribbler that stopped in front of home plate, and he ran it out, he must have enjoyed the first time, because he didn't stop at first base this time either, he just kept running, score another run for the Tigers!!

Tiernan has another baseball game tomorrow night, so we are going to have some batting pratice at the cages tonight and work on remembering to listen to the coach and stop when they tell you to stop! Oh the joys of being seven years old again!!

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