Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mixed Media Art - Name on Zebra background

This is a custom order piece. Pictured is the one I did for my own daughter. Your piece will come on an 8x16 stretched canvas, same as in the picture. The background is a torn paper Zebra print with a custom name over it in a custom color. My daughter choose a lime green, but you can choose any color. The bright colors look best, but any color will work, such as: Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, Bright Blue, Red, etc. This one, the name was long enough that I only did the name, but if you have a shorter name, or would like the name smaller, i can add a flower or butterfly to the corner for more decoration. See the Cheetah background custom name order. I will do large names, like this or smaller letters, your choice. The piece comes unframed so that again, you can decide how much attention you want on the piece. To keep it subtle, a plain black frame works well, for a little attention, a carved detail black frame is good. To make it more noticeable, add a plain frame in the color of your lettering, and to really make it stand out, frame it in a carved detail frame in your lettering color. This can also stand alone without a frame just as well. All my pieces are titled, dated and signed on the back. Shipping is listed for the US only, but I will ship elsewhere, just message me and I will get an exact cost for your location. I do not make money on shipping, I only charge exact cost, or in the case of the US, less.

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