Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Some accomplishments in life are bigger today than they will be in the future, but we are living in today, and so little accomplishments mean the world, espically to us moms.

This is Tiernan, my one and only son, mama's boy....of course right now he doesn't mind be called that but I am sure that will change before I know it.
The top picture is of Tiernan showing off his Bobcat Badge that he received Tuesday night.
The bottom picture is of Tiernan right before the Cub Scouts meeting.
He has every right to be pretty proud of that badge. He worked hard for it, and he has only been in Cub Scouts since the end of August, first week of September and he already has that badge and is well on his way to his Wolf Badge.
He's proud, and if you can't tell mom is a little proud too. I am proud of how hard he worked. My little boy is growing up!

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